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History behind XPOS

XPOS was created in 2004 as an idea from Philips, as a product for handling exchanges in store in a efficient way. XPOS is programmed by West Art Communication AB*.

2004 Development started for Philips
2004 System went live for the first time
2006 EHL new owner of the system
2007 Procter & Gamble (Braun/Oral-B), OBH Nordica and more manufacturers joins XPOS
2008 Electrolux, B/S/H/G and more manufacturers joins
2008 may XPOS Portal (this page) goes live
2009 Marketing campaign in Sweden, P&G is live nordic. Elkjöp integration started.
2010 Samsung, Gigaset, Empire joins. Exchange integration started.
2011 14 manufacturers is now active in XPOS. XPOS version 3.0 development started.

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* Link to West Art Communication AB