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Benefits you get with XPOS

XPOS gives you lots of benefits, does not mater if you are a dealer, distributor, service shop or manufacturer. Read more about them below.

Dealers and distributors

As a dealer you are faced with many different ways of handling service depending on brand. What XPOS does, is a common way of doing claims and getting information about products and service. You don't have to know what you are supposed to do with the product, let XPOS tell you. XPOS will also guide you so the manufacturer will get all data needed.

XPOS can also be integrated directly into your business system/point of sales system so you can manage the claim process in your own system. Examples of other systems integrated in to XPOS are LogiqRMA and Exchange.


As a manufacturer its important for you to get the right data to be able to take the right decision about the service. XPOS will filter the data for you and also guide the dealer/workshop so they add the right data. XPOS is fully intergratable with your business system (SAP,Scala,Navision and others) and also with your customers systems, so you don't have to use one system for every dealer/customer.

Service shops

As a service shop you can use XPOS for communicating with dealers and manufacturers regarding claims and service. You can also use XPOS for reporting of made repairs, and generate data and approved invoice references for you own invoicing.

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