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Tried and true

History behind XPOS

XPOS was created in 2004 as an idea from Philips, as a product for handling exchanges in store in a efficient way. XPOS is programmed by West Art Communication AB*.

2004 Development started for Philips
2004 System went live for the first time
2006 APPLiA, former EHL new owner of the system
2007 Procter & Gamble (Braun/Oral-B), OBH Nordica and more manufacturers joins XPOS
2008 Electrolux, B/S/H/G and more manufacturers joins
2008 may XPOS Portal (this page) goes live
2009 Marketing campaign in Sweden, P&G is live nordic. Elkjöp integration started.
2010 Samsung, Gigaset, Empire joins. Exchange integration started.
2011 14 manufacturers is now active in XPOS. XPOS version 3.0 development started.
2012 XPOS live world wide.
2019 24 manufacturers, 23,000 stores and workshops now active in XPOS. XPOS updated yearly.

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* Link to West Art Communication AB